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We are consummate learners and thrive on exploring and discovering new ways to solve problems. 

We are a nimble remote team of experts committed to delivering tangible results and often work as an extension of your team. 

Our principal, Ani Matson, is a sought-after speaker and graduate school marketing professor. 

We are a HubSpot Certified Partner as well as a Shopify Partner.

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Ani has worked with top-rated insurance brands such as NASW and CIAB (nonprofits), and ACIC, ARM Insure to expand customer engagement and sales from digital channels. With her as a strategic consultant, they successfully built their marketing infrastructure and secured profitable new revenue streams from digital marketing.  

As an independent strategic marketing consultant, Ani will help you achieve tangible results.

Need a digital marketing consultant to start improving your results?
Ani works on your projects on an hourly basis or with a fixed project fee.

  • Quick and easy consultancy by the hour
  • Tell me about your project and get a worry-free proposal

Recent projects include: 

  • Lead scoring methodology and implementation for a global SaaS service provider.
  • Plan and implementation of digital media buy for a non-profit organization. 
  • Content and social strategy for B2C e-commerce brand.

Need to select the right marketing automation software?
Ani has in-depth knowledge about vendors in the space and can offer independent advice. Contact her to discuss.

Need training by an experienced Digital Marketing executive?
Ani does keynote presentations, conference workshops, and private social, email, and digital marketing training sessions.

Need an expert to write your Social Marketing Playbook?

Contact us.  


Media / Publications

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How Customer-Centric Design is Improving the Insurance Industry

Are you changing the insurance industry for the better? If not you are in danger of getting "disrupted." Words of wisdom from Ido Segev of McKinsey & CompanyAmit Dhadwal of Aon, Bill Gould of Securian Financial Group, and Ani Matson.

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The CMO's Periodic Table Image

The CMO's Periodic Table: A Renegade's Guide to Marketing (Voices That Matter)

Imagine how much you would learn if you could converse with 64 of the brightest minds in marketing. Now imagine if those conversations were focused on all the essential elements that go into being a top-notch chief marketing officer and organized into seven logical, intuitive categories. Now you can stop imagining, and start reading The CMO’s Periodic Table, an essential resource for the modern marketer.

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    5 Marketing Do-Over Tips

       Marketing can sometimes feel like the endless pursuit of a sweet spot between messaging, customer satisfaction and lasting results. Once there - should we as the CMO's be so fortunate - it becomes clear that this sweet-spot is certainly not a comfort zone, as it's our job to keep questioning, tweaking, and improving. 

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 Ani Matson, EMBA ’03, thinks about her parents when she serves her clients. The daughter of two schoolteachers ...

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LinkedIn Article photoAre You This Focused on Your Customers?

... Ani had the courage to rethink marketing in the context of the entire customer experience versus short-term expedience. And I'm not being melodramatic. Consider for a moment that prior to taking the reins, NEA Member Benefits sent new customers over 50 separate pieces of communications, offering a wide range of products and services. While this approach allowed the company to achieve it's marketing goals it ultimately had a deleterious impact on perceptions of the brand and response rates. After considerable study and consensus building, Ani and her team reduced the number of new member communications to six touches. The results were staggering--a 20% increase in participation and significantly improved customer satisfaction ratings. Less turned out to be more. And while The CMO Club recognized Ani with its Officer's Award, I think next year they need a new category, Most Courageous, and here's the first nominee! 

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CMO Spotlight

CMO Club Spotlight: Ani Matson

... I’ll never forget Stephen Covey’s story of the little girl holding two apples. Her mother came in and asked for one of the apples. The girl looked at her mom and took a bite of one of the apples, then took a bite of the other apple. The mom was so disappointed in her daughter’s selfishness. Then the girl reached out and offered her mom one of the bitten apples and said: “Mummy, here you are. This is the sweeter one.”

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